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I’m producing new shows with my classy celebrity character Jan Jansson reporting from New York City.

New exclusive from Stockholm with Greg Poehler (Welcome to Sweden) coming soon! Watch my show from the NYC Swedish Midsummer celebration!

New from me and the talented boys and girls of the Napoleon Group. MOCAPMAN! Some silly, funny and weird MoCap moves in “Swedish Bergman Vision 1950’s Style!?” Watch share and enjoy! WATCH HERE!

You can see me as “Ulf Thorén” radio reporter in the award winning film, Monica Z. TRAILER

Watch “Jan Jansson” with exclusive stories from behind-the-scenes of a Hollywood web series, EASY TO ASSEMBLE. Lots of exciting interviews with the celebrity cast. Watch Jan with Tom Arnold, Greg Proops, Roger Bart and the star/creator Illeana Douglas!!


Peppe Holmsten

With Greg Poehler, star of   “Welcome to Sweden!”